I'm an industrial psychologist interested in technology and human progress. This website serves as a repository of personal logs and essays I've written over the years.

Most of what I write about has to do with things I'm working on or adjacent to, with a few special editions here and there.

To describe what I do for a living can be challenging, so I usually sum it up to workforce intelligence. But a slightly more wordy description might look something like synthesizing principles of data science and organizational theory to inform workforce strategy.

I'm also passionate about open source. I spend a good chunk of my time contributing to ventures like talentDAO where I lead two projects: DAO Health and Project LION.

When I'm not working, I'm probably out surfing, being a foodie, or nerding out on sci-fi, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, or some other cutting-edge idea that feels like it just might change the world.

If you'd like to connect, Twitter or LinkedIn are great places to start. Or you can reach me directly at: k3nnethfrancis @ gmail dot com✌️

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