I'm an industrial psychologist interested in using data science to improve human systems. This blog serves as a repository of essays and logs I've written over the years.

These days, my main focus is leading workforce analytics efforts at SpaceX, where we synthesize principles of data science and organizational theory to inform workforce strategy.

As a strong proponent of open source, I also contribute to talentDAO on the side, where I help lead projects related to organizational health and data science.

When I'm not working, you might find me out wandering the noosphere; assimilating into the grungy LA tech scene where the ongoing studio session is featuring the latest AI breakthrough, blockchain protocol, DeSci DAO-backed-climate-tech, or whatever other cutting-edge idea feels like it just might change the world.

I went into psychology to study the human condition and emerged with a realization: we are all nodes on the great network of humanity. To bend the levers toward progress we make appeals through memetic force. We foster cultures to challenge the status quo, encourage divergent thinking, and build solutions for our communities. For it is the human organizations we build together that serve as the mortal engines of change.

If you'd like to connect, hit me up on Twitter. Or you can reach me directly at: k3nnethfrancis @ gmail dot com✌️

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