I'm an industrial psychologist by training and a techno-optimist at heart. I've spent most of my career as a data scientist with a particular focus on organizational behavior. I've always had an interest in the coordination mechanisms that lead to human progress, which has led me down many rabbit holes from science and technology to blockchains and artificial intelligence.

This blog serves as a repository of essays and logs I've written over the years.

While I don't write about it much, I feel lucky to spend most of my days working out of the SpaceX rocket factory here in LA. I lead workforce analytics for the company, which involves leveraging the principles of data science and organizational theory to inform workforce strategy.

I spend most of my free time these days working on AI and DeSci adjacent projects. I was a founding core team member at talentDAO, where I still actively contribute, and I'm also involved in IRL communities surrounding the grungy Venice Beach tech scene. You can catch me and the crew talking AI and the future of humanity in one of our weekly live streams: Sundays @ noon PST on Twitch and Wednesdays @ 6pm PST on Twitter Spaces.

I am personally a big believer in humanity's collective will to achieve progress. I view my work as looking for levers in the noosphere, the great socio-technical system of modern civilization. That's why I'm a strong proponent of open source, decentralized science, and commonsense AI safety. In my view, being involved in communities working on these technologies is the equivalent of public service in the digital age.

As a student, my ambitions for studying psychology were driven by a fascination with the human condition – a somewhat deterministic outcome of being the sort of neuroatypical empath I am... Nevertheless, through my studies I emerged with a realization: we are all nodes on the great network of humanity. To bend the levers toward progress we make appeals through memetic force. We build common knowledge in our quest toward truth. In doing so, we foster cultures that may challenge the status quo, encourage divergent thinking, and build solutions for our communities. For it is the human organizations we build together that serve as the mortal engines of change.

If you'd like to connect, hit me up on Twitter. Or you can reach me directly at: k3nnethfrancis @ gmail dot com✌️

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